Protesters remain suspended from Houston bridge; will face charges

Greenpeace activists are suspended from the Fred Hartman Bridge over the Houston Ship Channel to protest the use of fossil fuels ahead of tonight's Democratic debate in Houston. Twenty-two protesters are on the bridge. Eleven for them are suspended by harnesses over the Houston Ship Channel.

The protest started earlier this morning, and Harris County Sheriff's officials say they couldn't do anything to stop it.

"They saw it as it was happening, but it was too late to prevent it," Assistant Chief Timothy Navarre said.

Navarre says the protesters are planning to stay suspended from the bridge until tomorrow, and that they will allow them to do that. But things will change when the protesters end this. That's when they will face charges.

"They'll be charged with obstructing the roadway and the waterway," Navarre stated.

You can watch a LIVE STREAM of this HERE.

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