How about a conservative Hollywood?

"Hollyweird" has gone so far left some are suggesting conservatives create their own Hollywood, for TV and movies. A Houston film critic says it's possible -- with enough money.

Joshua Starnes is a critic for He says a lot our movies aren't really made for Americans.

"The specific political ideology behind them and what may be driving certain choices doesn't matter as much because you're not making it for the domestic, American market."

Starnes says the answer may be the end of traditional TV in favor of streaming.

"You'd also have to see your actual conservative viewers start to get younger and move into doing most of their viewing on something like a NetFlix or a Hulu or Amazon."

Starnes says most blockbusters don't have an agenda; they're made with an eye toward foreign markets.

"Especially on the film side most of it's being made for foreign audiences and there's still a lot of skittishness about message when you're sending it to audiences that may or may not get those elements."

Starnes says that's why there are so many superhero and action movies.

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