How did 9/11 change the country?

Terrorists killed 3,000 Americans 18 years ago, and the attacks have changed the country in many ways.

One of the changes was the perpetual state of alertness that we remain in today. That said, terrorism expert Dr. Jeff Addicott with St. Mary's in San Antonio tells KTRH we are safer than we were then.

"ISIS was the new poster child for Islam, and this President obliterated them geographically from the face of the Earth," Addicott said.

Paul Hudson with Flyer's Rights said a big component was putting the government in charge if airport security as opposed to the airports and airlines.

"It's worked to a high degree. It looks like at least three aviation bombings have been avoided," Hudson stated.

Still, if you listen to the left, it seems as if they have forgotten the lessons of 9/11.

"Some people on the left think there's a way to end war on this planet. That's Utopian nonsense. There's always going to be another war," Addicott told KTRH News, adding that we've been in the War on Terror now for 18 years.

And the left is still afraid of calling it radical Islam. At a recent Senate hearing on 9/11, that term was never used.


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