Texas Man Charged With a Banjo Attack

Statue Of Defiant Girl Installed In Front Of Iconic Wall Street Bull By Global Investment Firm

A Texas man is facing charges after attacking the iconic Wall Street Charging Bull with a banjo. 42-year old Kevin Varlack of Dallas vandalized the sculpture just after noon on Saturday, leaving several dents and a hole in one of its horns.

The bronze sculpture, the work of Sicilian artist Arturo Di Modico, was illegally dumped off on Wall Street near the Stock Exchange on December 14, 1989 a couple years after the Black Monday stock crash.

Witnesses called 9-1-1 and police took the man into custody. Varlack is charged with criminal mischief, criminal possession of a weapon, and disorderly conduct. The bull statue attracted media attention in March of 2017 when a statue called "Fearless Girl" was installed nearby.

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