The real cost of The Green New Deal would hurt Texas taxpayers

The total cost to implement the renewable electricity generation mandates of The Green New Deal in Texas would reach $120 billion per year in 2030. Reportedly, that is roughly the same as the state's entire annual budget.

Travis County Republican Party's Andy Hogue said when the government gets involved in green energy it suppresses free enterprise and innovation.

"The cost would be tremendous. We're talking right now your annual electric bill may be around $1,500. In the future it could be upwards of $14,000-$15,000, according to a TPPF study," said Hogue.

He said the free market is the best way to create green energy. When you get the government involved in utilities, it's not good for the consumer.

"If we just facilitate the free market, rather than punish it through The Green New Deal, I think we'll see more efforts to improve the quality of our natural resources and maybe get rid of smog in our urban areas," said Hogue.

He said the feasibility of it passing depends on what happens in the 2020 elections. He predicted, the Republicans will preserve the Senate, possibly win back the House and Trump will be re-elected.

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