Poll finds American voters don’t want looser immigration policy

The latest Harvard/Harris Poll finds that 2020 presidential candidates who want to increase overall immigration to the U.S. are the least popular among American voters, regardless of their ethnicity.

Breitbart reports Americans are almost unanimously against giving illegal aliens right to vote and unrestricted access to taxpayer funds.

Houston Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk said illegal immigrants are being courted by the Democratic party and recruited by the voters.

"These people are particularly incentivized to vote for policies that directly benefit them, at the expense of not only the communities in which they live, but American taxpayers who are going to be fronting the bill," Davidiuk said.

He said increasing illegal immigration in the US presents incredible challenges that cities and counties are asked to handle without help from the liberals

"Democrats and their Leftist allies have been working against American workers trying to get these benefits and trying to get these incentives over to a community of people who should not be here to begin with," Davidiuk said.

He says they're being incentivized to stay and abuse the system.

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