Dems Want to Spend More $, Print More $

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are proposing trillions of dollars’ worth of grandiose plans like Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, free college tuition, plus healthcare and welfare benefits for illegal immigrants. Paying for all of those plans will require a lot more than just "taxing the rich," as experts have warned. That leaves another option---printing more money.

Fox Business Host Stuart Varney warns about the issue in a new commentary. "What do you mean, that we can't afford Medicare for all or the Green New Deal? Why don't we just print the trillions of dollars we need? Welcome to the progressives new way of paying for everything," Varney tells Fox Nation. "Just fire up the printing press, it's the new economics. After all, only the government can create money, so just create what you need."

Varney explains that European countries already do this to fund their massive welfare system, printing more than five trillion dollars just for government spending in recent years. He predicts that "if a progressive wins the (U.S.) presidency, we will be printing and spending just like Europe."

With the Democratic presidential candidates coming to Houston this week for their next debate, Varney hopes to hear them pressed on this particular issue. "If the moderators are doing their job, they will ask how these grand proposals will be paid for," he says. "And if the response is well, we'll just tax the rich and tax Wall Street, the moderators should press harder -- because tax hikes will not, I repeat -- not, pay for it all."

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