Cruz, other Texas lawmakers appearing at faith based forum in Austin

Texas Senator Ted Cruz will be among the Texas lawmakers appearing at a faith based forum this weekend in Austin.

It's the Annual Faith, Family and Freedom Forum put on by Texas Values, whose President, Jonathan Saenz, tells KTRH is sold out, and is a chance for voters to learn about the issues on the front burner for 2020.

"This is to educate voters about what the issues are and where the candidates stand," Saenz explained. "When they want to make a difference in their community they will know what to do and they will also know what to do when they get to the ballot box."

One of the other lawmakers appearing at the forum is Congressman Chip Roy. The forum runs from 1-5pm today and goes from 9am-4pm tomorrow.

You can learn more about the event by clicking on the Texas Values Facebook page.


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