Congress returns from break facing deadline or shutdown .. again

Congress is getting ready to return from its summer break, and they are already facing what is a tight deadline.

If they don't strike a deal, we are looking at a shutdown October 1st. TCU's Emily Farris tells KTRH that leaves very little to maneuver.

"The first priority has to be to pass a spending bill," Farris said. "It really only gives them 13 calendar days."

Will the socialists in the Democratic Party force a shutdown? Political analyst Debie Georgatos doesn't think so.

"They don't have an issue worthy of a budget impasse at this time," Georgatos explained, adding "they might come up with one."

But what they do have, and what you can expect from Congress according to Farris, is dysfunction.

"That's always a given, no matter what session you're talking about," Farris stated.

Congress is also returning to horrendous approval ratings. Gallup says that 79% of you disapprove of the job Congress is doing. When Gallup first asked the question in 1974, that number was 47%.

US Capitol

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