Why are all these Republicans leaving Congress?

There seems to be a 'GOP Exodus' from Washington.

Texas Republican Congressman Bill Flores became the fifth Texas Republican to announce his intention to leave when he went public with his decision to retire on Wednesday. All told there are 15 Republicans that have decided not to run for reelection next year. Former Texas Congressman Ted Poe told KTRH the National GOP should be worried about this changing of the guard.

"I don't know that the National GOP is as concerned as they should be about the dynamics and the demographics of the country changing. They certainly need to be aware of that," Poe said.

Poe also says that money from outside Texas is coming in to Texas for these races. And he says we have seen the same thing happen in previous elections.

"When I left before the 2018 election there were a total of eight Republicans from Texas that left," Poe stated.

And in the last Presidential election, 28 incumbents decided against running. That included 20 Republicans.

Opening Day Of The 115th Congress

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