Monies redirected from Pentagon construction to be spent on border security

The Trump administration redirects $3.6 billion from Pentagon military construction to almost a dozen projects in Arizona, Texas, California and New Mexico, including fencing to replace current barriers.

Border town sheriffs and deputies are in a backup support role to the Border Patrol, but still have to protect the community and residents.

Texas and Southwest Border Sheriff's Coalition Executive Director Clint McDonald said in the 31 counties from San Diego to Brownsville, in some places, a wall isn't feasible or practical.

"In Texas, we have 40, 50 foot, even 200 foot cliff walls of the Rio Grande River where you can't get up and down that anyways," said McDonald.

He said while they have different opinions about building the wall, anytime money is spent securing the border, it's good.

"The wall is just one tool of many tools in that toolbox that our sheriffs feel can be used to address this issue," said McDonald.

He said they know it's going to be a multi-faceted approach to be taken to secure the border, counties, communities and country.

The American Civil Liberties Union said it will seek a court order to block use of the funds as part of its ongoing lawsuit challenging the emergency declaration.


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