Left is all in on 'Hurricane Hysteria'

With Hurricane Dorian threatening the U.S., the mainstream media has gone into full blown 'hurricane hysteria.'

Climate change is why Dorian was so strong, at least that's what the mainstream media has been saying. Brian Joondeph with the American Thinker tells KTRH the mainstream media why they want to push that narrative.

"They are just crying wolf. They are saying it's Trump's fault and if we don't do something about it we are all going to die," Joonedph said.

But meteorologist Roy Spencer told Fox history says that climate change had nothing to do with it.

"If we examine the record of major (Category 3 or greater) hurricanes at landfall in Florida since 1900, and assume that Hurricane Dorian strikes Florida as a 115 kt Category 4 storm, we see that there will still be no long-term trends in either the intensity or number of major landfalling hurricanes."

But, Joondeph says the mainstream media will keep pushing their narrative.

"They drive-by, as Rush Limbaugh calls them. They just drive by to the next story to further their agenda," he stated.

And that agenda is to push anything that will paint President Trump in a negative light.

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