Is 'Trump Fatigue' real?

Nothing has worked for the mainstream media in their attempts to take down President Trump. So, they're trying something new.

They are calling it 'Trump fatigue,' and they are trying to tell you that you are as tired of him as they are.

"These prognosticators are making the case that much of America is growing tired of the president’s constant barrage of controversial comments, tweets, insults and declarations, and may decide in 2020 to opt for a calmer environment," Fox's Howard Kurtz said.

Robin Armstrong with the RNC says the exact opposite is what is happening.

"What I hear is that people are excited about the fact that he is defending our values; that he is defending what we believe in," Armstrong stated'

Armstrong says that the mainstream media should be asking a different question.

"Are we tired of someone who is standing up for American first foreign policy? I think when you ask that question they are going to make the decision that they are happy with the direction we are going in," Armstrong explained.

In other words, only the mainstream media and Democrats have 'Trump Fatigue.'


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