If you have pain or fatigue and don't know why, join the club

A staggering 30-million Americans claim to have undiagnosed diseases. There's even a TV show about it called 'Chasing the Cure.' The good news is a lot of these diseases cure themselves over time.

Dr. Jennifer Swails is an assistant professor of internal medicine with the McGovern Medical School at UT-Health.

"I've seen patients who have different neurological symptoms like headaches, double vision, tingling sensations; a lot of patients come in with fatigue as their primary symptom."

Dr. Swails tells them to not give up hope.

"Just because they don't have a diagnosis doesn't mean they'll be sick forever; about half to two thirds of people with undiagnosed illnesses actually slowly recover on their own with time."

Dr. Swails says some of this may be psychosomatic but a lot of it will just take more research.

"Part of this is definitely being really careful about your mental health and not being afraid to seek treatment for anxiety and depression related to this undiagnosed illness. It doesn't mean that you think it's all in your head, it's just a part of taking good care of yourself."

Chasing the Cure airs Thursdays on TNT and TBS.

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