Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center honors Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center teams up with the community this September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The Blood Center has set its goal in September at 25,100 donations because blood transfusions are crucial for recovery during cancer treatment.

Children who undergo cancer treatment often need blood transfusions to recuperate. Platelets are particularly necessary due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments that damage bone marrow cells which produce blood and platelets.

Jeshua Varlea, 13, needed platelets and red blood cell transfusions while he was being treated for leukemia. Recently, he celebrated the end of treatment with a bell-ringing ceremony. Jeshua and his family now host blood drives at his school to help others.

“When people donate blood, it not only helps me,” Jeshua said, “but it helps other people as well so that they can get better.”

This year, about 11,060 children in the U.S. under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with cancer, and an estimated 1,190 will, unfortunately, pass away.

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is recognizing Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September to help children like Jeshua. One donation can save up to three lives.

Be a child’s hero by donating blood at one of our drives and help us reach our goal. For more information or to find a location to save lives, visit

The Blood Center is the primary supplier of blood components to more than 170 hospitals and health care facilities in a 26-county Texas Gulf Coast region.

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