New state laws governing guns go into effect today

Concealed Carry Classes See Big Push For Licenses

The Texas legislature approved 820 of the laws that were proposed during the 2019 session and most go into effect today.

Many changes will impact gun owners.

Senate Bill 535 allows parishioners to carry guns in churches, synagogues and other places of worship unless otherwise posted.

House Bill 741 provides protections for gun owners who rent, prohibiting landlords from restricting renters or guests in lease agreements.

House Bill 1387 allows school districts to provide an adequate number of armed school marshals at public and private schools. That will ease the limit of one marshal with a gun per 200 students or per building.

House Bill 1143 allows licensed handgun owners to sore their weapon and ammunition out of sight in their vehicle parked in a school district lot.

House Bill 1177 comes into play during natural disasters, Texans now allowed to carry handguns without a license if they are evacuating or returning from a declared natural disaster.

House Bill 121 creates a legal defense if a licensed handgun owner takes their weapon into a business establishment that prohibits firearms providing they leave when asked.

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