5 Dead. 21 Injured.

Saturday was a horrible day in Midland and Odessa.

Five people were killed and 21 injured in random shootings by a man in a moving vehicle. The injured include 3 officer: a state trooper, an Odessa police officer and a Midland police officer, according to Police Chief Michael Gerke. "What a horrific day for Odessa," he said. Gerke says the attack happened after the suspect, in a gold Honda, was stopped by an officer making a traffic stop east of Odessa. The suspect shot the trooper and drove onto Odessa where he shot others. He ditched that vehicle and stole a Postal vehicle which he drove to the Cinergy theater where police shot him.

Other victims include a 17 month-old girl. She was taken to a hospital in Lubbock and is in satisfactory condition.Others are in a local hospital

Governor Abbott will travel to Midland-Odessa tomorrow.

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