Many say they are dreading the election next year

While many of you are excited for the election next year. There is a sizable number who have the exact opposite feeling.

According to new polling, many of you are dreading it.

Almost 40% of you think the election won't be fair, setting up a debate over who really won. Sound familiar? Fox's Greg Gutfeld says the mainstream media's Russia obsession is why you're dreading 2020

"Look at the media. The media spent three years chasing the flame of Russian collusion only to turn up with empty, charred hands, he explained. "You think that didn't mess with America's minds? That’s the irony: CNN and MSNBC did way more to undermine our election system than the Russians simply by exaggerating that narrative in order to unseat the "orange monster" they despised."

Republican strategist Jessica Colon agrees.

"They can only sell dread. MSNBC might as well be a network full of creating dread about this administration," Colon said, adding the media won;t give Trump credit for anything.

"They have done everything they can to make his successes distasteful to folks," Colon stated.

The number for Democrats who said they had doubts about the election's legitimacy was 45%.

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