Judge sets David Temple's Bond at One Million Dollars

A local judge has set David Temple’s bond at $1 million.

The bond was set Friday morning.

Temple was found guilty of murdering his pregnant wife Belinda Temple earlier this month in his second trial.

Jurors took only eight hours to convict him, but they couldn’t agree on his punishment, which led to a mistrial.

Temple's sentence could have ranged from probation to life in prison.

Belinda was eight months pregnant when she was shot and killed in the couple's Katy home in 1999.

She died from a shotgun blast to the back of the head.

Prosecutors said Temple wanted his wife dead because he was having an affair.

Less than two years after his wife's murder, Temple married Heather Scott, the mistress.

But, Heather filed for divorce after Temple's second murder trial started in July.

Temple was originally convicted of murder in 2007 and served nine years in prison before a judge tossed out his conviction.

The judge said prosecutor Kelly Siegler withheld favorable evidence from the defense.

The next punishment phase is scheduled to begin in March 2020.

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