What are Texas' new gun laws?

With September starting on Sunday, and with it being a legislative session year, many new laws go into effect, including those that expand gun rights.

Ten new laws go into effect, including one making it easier to posses in churches and other places of worship Terry Holcomb with Texas Carry says that was the right call.

"You're going to be able to carry in a church, but the signage requirements will be clearer," Holcomb stated.

The nine other laws also expand rights, including one allowing school employees or visitors to store guns in locked cars. But CJ Grisham with Open Carry Texas says he expected more.

"I don't think they went far enough. Any law that helps us is good, but I don't think they went far enough," Grisham said.

But with the left calling for more gun control after El Paso, Grisham says Governor Abbott will resist.

"I expect them to hold the line on any new gun laws. What happened in Walmart had nothing to do with a lack of laws," Grisham explained.

In fact, the Governor did not call a special session following the El Paso tragedy.

There are over 800 new laws going into effect Sunday. Click HERE for a link to all of them.

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