Relief Coming for Galveston Residents

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry has some good news for Galveston residents. Take a look at the letter he sent out, Thursday.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) voted on the final version of the 2020 Unified Transportation Program (UTP) this morning, laying out their priorities for the next ten years. Draft versions of the UTP had cut the completion of SH99 (Grand Parkway) from the list of future projects. We led an effort to make it known to TxDOT that completing SH99 as planned is vital to the safety and continued economic growth of Galveston County and the region. Other local leaders and I travelled to Austin earlier this month to provide public testimony on the fundamental need for the quick and efficient completion of this long-planned project.

I am happy to announce that the final UTP adopted today included the completion of SH99, including the sections connecting I-45 in Galveston County to IH 69 in Fort Bend County. Once completed, this stretch of road will serve as a lifesaving hurricane evacuation route, reduce daily congestion, and further connect industry and business in Galveston County to the western parts of the greater Houston area.

I want to thank everyone who heeded the call to action and provided public comment to the TxDOT commissioners. Without your efforts, the Grand Parkway may very well have been removed from TxDOT’s plans. Galveston County will continue to work with TxDOT to bring this project to completion.

Thank you,

Mark Henry

Galveston County Judge

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