Mainstream liberal media frenzy over Amazon fires

Despite ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC reporting that the Amazon fires are going to be the end of us, The Atlantic reports humans could burn every living thing on the planet and still not dent its oxygen supply.

The liberal mainstream media is going after Brazil for "record" fires in the Amazon.

Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano said it's a political issue because Brazilian government is trying to pull out of the UN-Paris agreement.

"Expert after expert on the rainforest on oxygen at all coming out, then one of them actually said this is BS and used the curse word. That it is not the lungs of the world. It actually consumes as much oxygen as it produces," said Morano.

He said the liberal media is ignoring the same fires in Bolivia right now.

"So the media just completely ignores the fires going on there to focus on Brazil. So, the larger story is it's politics," said Morano.

He said Bolivia is a left-wing government who's president is a devout environmentalist, so the media isn't reporting on that.

He added this is equivalent to spewing hysteria. Another con is claims the fires can be seen from space. Morano said you can always see fires from space.

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