Antifa wants to target ICE in Texas ten day "siege"

Antifa has made a name for themselves these last few years with their brand of violent protest. Now they are headed to Texas.

The group says they will be in Texas for a 10-day siege in El Paso targeting ICE agents. Brandon Morse with Red State says they have ICE agents in their sights.

"Their idea is to come down to the border and damage ICE enough to allow them to get illegal immigrants through the fence," Morse said.

Morse says that unlike Portland and other cities that let this group do what it wanted, Texas may resist.

"This is Texas. This is not Portland. You're going to have people that are going to fight back," Morse said.

Antifa has been talking about coming here all summer, leading Lt. Governor Dan Patrick to issue a warning earlier this summer.

"Clear message to Antifa. Stay out of El Paso. Stay out of Texas," Patrick stated.

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