Will Dorian head to Texas?

Tropical Storm Dorian is churning in the Atlantic. And as we mark the two-year anniversary of Harvey hitting Houston, it is only natural to wonder if Dorian will head our way.

Before you get too concerned, Eric Berger at Space City Weather tells KTRH you can breathe a sigh of relief; for now at least.

"The chances of Dorian coming our way are close to zero," Berger explained. "It looks like it's bound for Hispaniola, where it encounters wind shear, and will likely get broken apart. It looks like it will be a rain storm for parts of the Caribbean, maybe Puerto Rico, and eventually Florida. It does not look like a Gulf issue at this point.

That said, Berger warns that we have entered the prime season for hurricanes when it comes to Texas landfall.

"We are absolutely in the heart of the season for the Atlantic. The next four weeks or so are the peak of the season for Texas, so we need to be on alert," Berger stated.

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