Having a Bad Boss Ruins a Great Job.

It's horrible when your job is divine but your boss is from hell. Do you love your job but hate doing it because your supervisor plays favorites or takes personal credit for what you do? Dr. Daren Martin, CEO of Global Company Culture Association, says your situation is way too common. "There are a lot of bad bosses with bad behavior because the majority of them haven't been trained.They are going into a management situation without any training about how you lead people.” Some employees suffer for as long as they can and finally quit - some without a safety blanket of a new job awaiting them.

Martin encourages you not to quit - try to talk to your boss first. "Start with something like, 'I think there are some issues between us I’d really like to resolve with you. I want to perform at peak performance rate for you and I know you want that too. May we talk about these things?” He says, "You may be ignored afterward or even fired over it, but at least you'll have your answer."

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The worst traits of destructive supervisors:

  1. They talk poorly about your co-workers or even their supervisor behind their backs. Can you trust this person?
  2. They micromanage you so you can't grow.
  3. They take credit for your work. (Martin says, "Saying 'My team came up with a great idea..." will impress the listeners much more than taking the credit.
  4. They manage by fear.
  5. "Do as I say - Not as I do!" (come in late but expect you to be awaiting them when they do)
  6. No pats on the back
  7. They question you abilities in front of others
  8. They are indecisive and blame you for missing the deadline.

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