Despite media narrative, Trump has support from women

If you listen to the mainstream media no woman would ever vote for President Trump. Reality is a bit different.

The President does have support from women. Jacquie Baly at the University of Houston is one of them, and she tells KTRH that while she gets into arguments with other women over Trump, behind the scenes it's different.

"Maybe through emails, phone calls, or text messages, I hear from women that tell me I'm right. Our economy is better than it's ever been. My portfolio looks great," Baly said.

But, social media is up to its old tricks, hurting the President in getting his message out there. Facebook pulled a 'Women for Trump' ad because it allegedly violated policy.

"I didn't think Facebook would want to help the President. We've seen the bias that comes from that social media platform," Baly explained.

The most recent polling said that just 30% of women approve of the way Trump is doing his job. But we know how inaccurate polling is based on what happened in 2016.

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