Storms Threaten Houston Area Today

A large body of storms is churning in the Gulf of Mexico just off the coast of southeast Texas, bringing a chance of rain to the area through Saturday evening. Communities south of I-10 could see accumulation of up to three inches, and some areas could see as much as four. Isolated tornadoes are a threat.

The Weather Channel has the chance of rain for Greater Houston pegged at 50%, but that is updated regularly and the possibility for localized street flooding, lightning and thunder remains as the system moves ashore.

You can get a look of the radar and track the storms on KTRH’s Operation Stormwatch on this website. It includes live Doplar 740 weather radar.

This weekend marks the second anniversary of Hurricane Harvey’s impact on the Texas Gulf Coast. Harvey first achieved tropical storm status on August 17, and moderated briefly before regeneration. It intensified to hurricane 4 status on August 24 and briefly made landfall at San Jose Island east of Rockport before returning to Gulf waters. It landed catastrophically again three hours later at Holiday Beach as a Cat 3 before meandering slowly toward the Houston area where it remained stationary and lingered for a week, bringing more than 50 inches of record-breaking rain to the Houston area and causing historic flooding. In 2018 the name of Harvey was retired and will not be used for storms again.

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