The Nanny State meets football in Texas

It's the continued sissification of America -- now some touch football organizations, including here in Texas -- require helmets! Some football fans are worried about the next generation of college football players.

Jim Gumm publishes The Blitz, a newsletter about college football.

"There just comes a point where the sissification of sports in this country is almost at a ridiculous level."

Gumm is a father and he suffered a concussion as a kid, playing baseball.

"It's a risk that you take when you play sports; you can get a concussion on a basketball court."

The Texas State 7on7 Organization is the first statewide group in the country to require all of its players wear soft-shell helmets.

Gumm worries we're sissifying the next generation of football players.

"Kids are just out there having fun and for flag football or touch football to require a helmet is a little over the top, if you ask me."

Gumm says accidents happen no matter what sport you play.

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