Houston ISD back in school, effects commute inside and around the loops

Distracted driving is on the rise.

A recent study found all generations, not just Millennials, are guilty of driving distracted.

  • 86 percent of Millennials admit to using the phone while driving.
  • 72 percent of Gen X
  • 49 percent Baby Boomers

That means your drive is going to get worse, now that Houston ISD is back to school.

The state’s largest school district starts classes today.

However, construction inside and around the loops could improve soon.

Emily Black with the Texas Department of Transportation says there's some good news with building the bus lane in the Galleria area.

"The southbound frontage road that's currently closed to Memorial Drive to Woodway Drive will be opening by the end of this month. And the exit ramp should be opening soon there, too," said Black.

She said they're working on re-opening the exit ramps off 610, but can’t give an exact date because they cannot re-stripe lanes in the rain.

"Right now, we're battling some weather on the exit ramp openings, so we need to restripe the roadways to open those ramps. We can't lay paint down if the road is wet," said Black.

Remember, after driving home from after school activities all this week, there are nightly lane closures on 610 southbound.

TXDOT will be working on the bridge deck over a section of IH 610 West Loop southbound at Post Oak Boulevard as work on the elevated dedicated bus lane continues.

There will be a total overnight closure of IH 610 West Loop southbound from Woodway Drive to Post Oak Road every night, 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., now through Friday, August 30 at 5 a.m.

IH 610 southbound traffic will be forced to exit at the Post Oak exit ramp and will be able to re-enter the freeway at the Post Oak southbound entrance ramp just north of the Post Oak intersection.

The study found, surprisingly, more Millennials than Boomers will ask a passenger to handle the call or text.

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