Global warming or global cooling?

UPDATED (August 27):

The NASA scientist, Dr. Martin G. Mlynczak, quoted in the original article said "his research relates to natural variability of the atmosphere about 60 miles and higher above Earth’s surface. It has no connection to the climate where we live here on the surface. There are no claims of coming ice ages or cooling of the climate at earth’s surface." The correct story can be viewed in its entirety here:

He said the link below in the previous article includes false claims about recent major cooling of the Earth. Instead, please reference this NASA link:

PREVIOUSLY (August 26):

For years, we’ve heard the earth is heating up.

Now, a study from NASA sees a climate cooling trend thanks to low sun activity.

NASA expert and biologist Keith Cowing said this is just one study of many that looks at the impact of energy that the sun sends to the earth.

"It's sort of like a hot day here in Texas and I go into the house and get some ice cubes and put them in your hand and you say 'oh my hands are cold' while you'resweating. It's just sort of the old adage where you stand, depends on where you sit--what you're measuring at what period in time," said Cowing.

He said we live in a planetary complex system.

"This study is showing that the sun may be heading into a period of somewhat lower activity, which could result, in some places, in a lower temperature. However, at the same time, on the surface of the Earth, we're pumping gases into our atmosphere that help retain heat," said Cowing.

He says it's all about standing back and looking at all the factors together.

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