Study finds some managers are refusing to hire President Trump supporters

A new study finds American workers who support President Trump face bias when looking for a job.

While character, morals and personal ethics should be a consideration of employees being hired, it's not.

Left-leaning firms are especially anti-Trump, with 20 percent of hiring managers vowing to reject a job candidate who backs President Trump.

Culture Consulting Associates President Joshua M. Evans said bosses should be focusing on if the candidate is a good fit for the organization.

"Now, refusing to hire someone because of who they voted for seems short-sited. There's a word for people who are intolerant towards those who hold different opinions than themselves and that's bigotry," said Evans.

He said employers should be looking if a candidate can bring skills that can contribute to the company’s success.

"It would seem ridiculous if a company were to refuse to hire somebody that voted for former president Barack O'Bama. But, somehow with...President Trump, people are rationalizing this sort of discrimination," said Evans.

He said companies that discriminate could be missing out on phenomenal, talented people, just because of political differences.

And, for those looking for work, Evans added nowadays, the lines are blurred between job seekers personal life on social media and professional work life.

The survey found in the workplace, pro-Trump workers face:

  • 28%, joking about them.
  • 23%, overly critical of them.
  • 21%, being dismissive of them.
  • 11% facing name calling.

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