Hurricane season still quiet; will it stay that way?

The Atlantic has been unusually quiet so far this season. In fact, we have only seen one storm in the Gulf, as Barry hit Louisiana in July. But other than that, Mother Nature hasn't spun anything our way.

The question is whether or not that will remain the case. Eric Berger with Space City Weather thinks it will for the foreseeable future.

"It looks pretty quiet. It's been quiet at a time when the Atlantic normally ramps up," Berger said.

So for the last ten days of August we seem to be in the clear. Considering the time of year it is, Berger will take it.

"Texas worries the most about storms in August and September, and if we get to the last week in September and things are still quiet and we are starting to get cold fronts I will feel pretty good," Berger explained.

Dust and wind shear have been the main reasons the Atlantic hasn't been noisy this season. NOAA now says they expect between five and nine storms before things wrap up at the end of November.

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