Don't Mess with Texas partners up with another Texas icon

The slogan, 'Don't mess with Texas,' is something everybody knows about. But many people don't realize where it actually started.

The slogan came about as an anti-littering campaign, and today, TxDOT announced that they have teamed up with Buc-ee's to help push the message that you shouldn't litter.

As part of the deal, the famous Buc-ee's beaver will be featured on items alongside the 'Don't mess with Texas' slogan, and officials say that will help teach kids not to litter.

"The kids will see their friends wearing these items and will get that message," the TxDOT spokeswoman said.

As part of the campaign you will also start to see the 'Don't mess with Texas' barrels inside of Buc-ee's stores.

You can check out pictures of some of the new items below.

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