A new rule will cut down on asylum seekers at the border

The ultra-liberal Ninth Circuit court of Appeals in San Francisco has let stand a new rule for Central American asylum seekers, at least here in Texas and in New Mexico.

Andrew Arthur at the Center for Immigration Studies says asylum seekers who passed through Mexico to reach the U.S. will have to prove they tried to get asylum in Mexico.

"They will have to offer proof that they actually did it, otherwise they will be subjected to a procedure by which they can only apply for reasonable fear, not credible fear, of removal."

Arthur says Mexico's asylum laws are more liberal than here in the U.S. Arthur says the burden will be on the asylum seeker.

"Most of those aliens could actually apply for asylum in Mexico, which, again, has more liberal asylum laws than the United States has."

The Ninth Circuit ruled it didn't have jurisdiction over Texas and New Mexico but Arthur thinks the new Trump administration asylum rule will be allowed to stand.

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