It'll cost more to cut the cord

Cord cutting is getting more expensive, but more of us are cutting the cord. The big CBS-Viacom merger is expected to add another fee to a growing list of streaming services.

Too many streams eat away a cord cutter's savings. But Luke Bouma of says cable rates are up too.

"Cord cutting may go up slightly in price but so is cable TV; you're actually saving more this year than you were last year when compare the new higher costs of cable TV and satellite TV plans right now."

Bouma says it's no surprise more will cut the cord in the third quarter of this year than in all of 2018.

"Cord cutting saves anywhere from $89 all the way up to $105 a month for the average cord cutter."

Bouma says cord cutters are fired up about Disney+, which debuts in November.

"The content offered by CBS All Access and Disney+ is content you can't get with cable. You're not going to be able to watch Disney+ exclusives through your Comcast or Spectrum or dish package; so, just because there's an additional fee there, going back to cable won't give you that content."

CBS All Access has all of the network's prime-time shows and new versions of Star Trek and a sequel to "The Good Wife."

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