Census to use technology, but will we get accurate count?

The 2020 Census is already underway, combining technology with old fashioned knocking on doors. But will it be accurate?

You might not know it but the Census already has people on the ground. Census Bureau Geography Division Chief Deirdre Bishop tells KTRH new tech called BARCA will help.

"It's similar to when you are looking for directions on your smart phone. Our address listers will use that map to validate the addresses and street features in our data base," Bishop explained.

Logan Churchwell with the Public Interest Legal Foundation says questions the accuracy of the counting.

"Accuracy is always going to be a challenge. Not everyone answers their door. Not everyone fills out the form. You are going to have to engage in statistical modeling," Churchwell explained.

Which is why the citizenship question was key to figure out how many non-citizens were here in America. The Supreme Court knocked that down. But, Churchwell says the President had a contingency for that.

"It's expected that the Commerce Department to utilize data and new technologies to help that number, Churchwell stated, admitting it will be a heavier lift without the question on the Census.

United States 2020 census form

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