Borrowing charging cords could be a future cyber threat

Be careful about what you plug your devices into—like a USB port on a charging station in public places like airports.

Some cybersecurity experts are warning to never borrow someone else's charging cable because hackers have figured out how to malware that can remotely hijack devices and computers on charging cables.

Cybersecurity lawyer Shawn Tuma said, for most of us, an infected charging cable isn't too common.

"If you have a close friend that buys certified products and they're not getting cheap cords from a flea markets or, what have you, then, it's probably not too big of a risk for you to go and borrow that charging cord," said Tuma.

He said while it could happen, it would most likely be used in a targeted attack and installing malware on charging cables takes a lot of effort.

"In the cyber world, everything that has a connection to another device or network or something else can potentially be cyber germy," said Tuma.

Experts warn sharing cables is like sharing your password, because you're potentially giving access to everything on that device.

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