Eerie Faceless Dolls in Missouri

They are popping up and no on knows why. In one Missouri city a number of faceless dolls are appearing out of nowhere in unusual but also unassuming places. No one has any idea why these dolls are popping up.No one knows where they are coming from . No one admits they do, anyway.

All of the dolls are similar in design and size. So --- it could be the work of one person or lots of people working together. One resident in the city has seen a couple of them. Others haven't seen any. Every resident finds it weird.

The Chief of Police is worried someone is going to get hurt because of these dolls. He figures it's a joke - but if someone thinks it's a child and takes steps to remove it from traffic, an injury could follow.

Stay tuned. We'll let you know what we find out!

So one knows where they come from...or why they exist!

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