Would you trade pay for more time off?

One third of workers say they'd give up more than a quarter of their pay for unlimited vacation.

Workplace culture expert Daren Martin says that's just a charming fantasy for most of us.

"All of the research says when people take time off they perform better, they give more, they produce more, they're better for the company, no questions asked. Yet we still have this draconian sort of approach to vacation."

Martin says he'd like to see an employer give an employee about to go on vacation money to spend during that time off.

"I'd love to see a company that said 'hey, you're going on vacation next week, here's $300 extra, we wanna buy your family's first little fun experience or meal out.' I mean, loyalty for companies that give more vacation goes up exponentially."

Martin says too many employers remain stingy with vacation benefits.

The 2019 Vacation Confidence Index from Allianz Global Assistance surveyed 1,005 workers online.

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