Kids chores? There’s an app for that


Remember your parents told you what to do and you did it or you got spanked or sent to your room?

A new app called 'Chorez' gives children incentive to do chores. The app lets parents make a list of chores to do around the house and how much children can earn from doing each one.

"It's meeting them where they are. Our kids, for better or worse are on their phones all the time," said UTMB psychologist Dr. Jeff Temple.

But, it could be a good life lesson.

"Helping them along, learning how the world works--that when you do something, you get rewarded," Temple said.

The app also lets parents require a before and after photo for each chore to make sure each thing is getting done.

He said he would caution when it comes to incentivizing with just money.

"To gamify the idea of chores. It could be that now that they get used to this, they don't do anything unless they're incentivized," Temple said.

Instead, make activities where you get out and about an incentive.

He said if kids have a phone they might as well use the functions - in a developmentally appropriate way. For example, a 10 year old may only have apps approved and monitored by parents but a 17 year old may have much more flexibility.

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