Will your privacy be at risk with Amazon's new software?

Amazon is trying to sell software to law enforcement and other government agencies they claim can spot emotions like fear.

Amazon also claims its 'Rekognition' software has improved age estimation. Evan Greer with Fight for the Future is not convinced of these claims.

"I'm a bit skeptical. A lot of the research shows that this type of emotional recognition software is inaccurate," Greer said.

He's worried about innocent people going to jail because of a mistake the software made. He's even more worried about what could happen if this technology does work.

Greer asked, "Do we really want to live in a world where the government can track us everywhere we go; and where an algorithm might decide whether we are innocent or guilty?"

Amazon says 'Rekognition' can now detects seven emotions, including 'Happy," Sad,' 'Angry,' Surprised,' 'Calm,' and 'Confused.'

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