We’re Home Alone – Exercising

The biggest thing in fitness today is exercising alone at home.

Social animals that we are, when it comes to getting our daily exercise regimen, we’d rather do it on our own.

Schwinn Fitness, the bike people, find that 65% of people would rather workout at home than at a gym.

45% say it’s the cost of membership that makes gyms unattractive, but one of the hottest fads, Peloton stationary bikes, is going to set you back some coin also. As will a Fitbit or any choice of wearable. And the online monthly membership fees for home spin classes can get pricey.

But it’s the convenience that we’re mostly looking for. 75% of people with a stationary bike says it keeps them in one spot long enough to catch up on their television streaming. Houston personal fitness trainer Brice Remaley says there is always an advantage to having someone watch your form for optimal effectiveness.

“If you have a spin class the instructor is able to look at the people in the class and see the people with their shoulders up around their ears and their feet not flexed and their heels too high,” he says, adding that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on your home gym. “Some of the most effective things available to us these days are kettlebells, which anybody can have in their home. They don’t take up a lot of room and they’re relatively inexpensive.”

As brick and mortar is chasing Amazon, gyms are chasing stationary bikes.

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