Binge watching TV shows can damage your brain

It's been found that binge-watching your favorite TV shows can harm your brain by increasing the dopamine so you get gratification, which can be a level of addiction.

The brain has a gratification and rewards center that secretes dopamine, which is linked to addiction.

Dr. Asim Shah, professor and executive vice chair of psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine said it's been found that two thirds of people binge watch, which means watch at least two to six of the same TV show in a row.

To break the cycle—

"Never watch alone, watch with people. Never watch at night, watch in the daylight and take small breaks," said Shah.

He said binge watching once shouldn't hurt you. But who can stop at one?

"For example, if somebody's watching Game of Thrones they watch one episode, it is gratifying, they like it, it's thrilling, they want to watch again, and then again and then again," said Shah.

He said people who binge watch, their sleep is already altered because they’re watching too much.

Easier said than done.

Who's going to take a break in the middle of Game of Thrones to go to sleep?

Watching Television

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