Beto attacks conservative media outlets, and they respond

Beto O'Rourke's campaign has floundered for months, and he's gone to extreme lengths to rescue it; by attacking conservative media.

In a piece for CNN, O'Rourke claimed that Breitbart and Fox News are "sowing the seeds of terror." That's something Brandon Darby at Breitbart has a major problem with.

"It's absurd for someone to make an allegation like that. We provided one of the only voices and platforms for people who were affected by cartels," Darby explained.

Darby tells KTRH national Democrats are doing what Texans did last November, they are rejecting him.

"I think he should stick to videos of him changing tires. He should further avoid disgracing himself," Darby stated, adding that what O'Rourke has done with this attack is simply desperate, and that he's done it because his campaign never really got off the ground.

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