The Robots are Taking Over!

Some people are afraid that we will lose our free will on the planet when Artificial Intelligence overtakes us. University of Houston's Dr. Hien Nguyen Van may have some bad news for you. “In the next few years I think there will be a wider adoption of A.I.”He says not all industries are primed for a takeover. “But right now I still haven’t seen a big revolution in using A.I. yet.And we don’t have enough A. I. experts to serve all the need right now.”

He says A.I. is improving a lot of industries. “Medicine, agriculture, environment protection and criminal justice. “ Dr. Nguyen Van says not to worry about A.I. domination JUST YET because so far they can't program human common sense reasoning into a robot. But he still worries about the negative impact of A,I manipulation of information.

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