Good Day for Animals and Animal Lovers

Early this morning (Saturday 8-10-2019) Harris County Precinct One Deputies, in 2-deputy groups, conducted "Operation: Don’t be Cruel."

This warrant round-up was designed to arrest those wanted on various outstanding animal cruelty charges. More than a dozen two-deputy teams fanned out across Harris County beginning this morning at 5 am in an effort to serve these open warrants. In all, 13 suspects were arrested, 25 warrants were cleared.

At locations where arrests were not made, Precinct One deputies left information so that the accused knows how and where to address their pending criminal case. Some of the cases date back to 2017

Noe: The county's animal cruelty hotline is available 24/7. You can call in a tip directly to Precinct 1 at (832) 927-1659.

The Houston SPCA has a similar animal cruelty tip line which can be reached at (713) 869-7722.

animal cruelty

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