We know it's hot out. Why the hype?

The weather in Texas is always big news. But this latest heat wave has the hype machine turned on to its highest volume.

Yes it was hot out this weekend. It's going to be hot today. And you might wonder why it's hyped up so much when it's August and we live in Texas.

Weather is the main driver of TV News. People tune in because of the weather. Anytime there's a tangential weather event it's going to get pushed," Matt Lanza at Space City Weather explained.

Lanza used to do TV weather, and now he does the weather without the hype.

"I want people to understand that when we use certain language, that's the time to take us seriously," Lanza stated.

You might be hearing some try to connect this heat wave to climate change. AccuWeather founder Joel Myers doesn't buy it. John Coleman started The Weather Channel and wasn't a believer, either.

"There is no significant man made global warming now. There's hasn't been in the past. There's no reason to expect any in the future. There's a whole lot of baloney," Coleman said.

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