Millennials Feeling Stress

One in five Millennials live at home with their parents, meaning that four out of five do not. Yet the burden of student loans, rising rents and wage stagnation is taking a toll on Americans between the ages of 23 and 37, and they’re taking that in as stress. 78% say that conditions today make life more stressful than for any previous generation.

The pressures driving them to stress are not a reflection of the craziness constant connectedness technology has brought into their lives. Online bullying is cited by only 26% in a survey of 2,000 young Americans, the risk of identity theft bothering, 29%, and navigating the dating scene by 31%. As a matter of fact, social pressure from online sources is only a stress factor for 55%, 56% saying keeping up with technology is a factor.

“The top reasons were things like money, and work and career pressure, and work-life balance. And then on top of it mental health and maintaining relationships,” says Digital Third Coast content strategist Kylie Moore, who conducted the survey.

They are looking at a bigger world view. For 63% concern is about the current political climate, 64% weighed down by the future of the nation.

“Think about the news cycle right now. It’s all that we are seeing that we are focused on. It’s a scary thing. It’s one of those things where it’s really up to humans to figure out how to save the planet,” says Moore.

The big three stressers for Millennials are the immediate impacts on their life: healthcare, jobs and paying the bills.

Debt is number one at 78%, much of that burden in the form of student loans, but most of it relentless credit card bills. Number two at 76% is the competitive job market. 70% cite concerns about the cost of health care.

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