Hurricane season will now be above average with El Nino fading

El Nino has been helping the Atlantic stay quiet this hurricane season. But now El Nino is gone.

Because of that, NOAA says we are about to have an above average hurricane season in terms of activity, with the number of storms predicted now between 10 and 17. Jeff Lindner with the Harris County Flood Control District tells KTRH for Texas, this is the time to be vigilant.

"The majority of our season still lies ahead of us. Most of our storm activity happens between August and September," Lindner explained.

He says, though, that for now, everything is quiet.

"We are going to have to see some change in order for those storms to have the favorable conditions to develop," Lindner stated.

NOAA is now predicting that between 5 and 9 of the storms this season will reach hurricane status, and that 2-4 of those will be Category 3 or higher.

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