Liberals get rich pushing white privilege

The liberals pushing white privilege aren't telling you something. They are getting rich off of doing it.

Especially those academic types that give speeches about it. One of them, Robin DiAngelo, charged the University of Kentucky 12 thousand dollars - not counting travel expenses - for a speech. RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong is insulted by this.

"I believe that people are taking advantage of the situation," Armstrong explained. "It's African-Americans paying for people to do this because they need a white face to talk about white guilt."

DiAngelo is not the only one doing this. And Armstrong says it has an impact on real racism.

"When there is true racism out there, there is no justice for that because people just assume it's part of this whole industry they have ginned up," Armstrong explained.

By the way, the average fee for a speaker like Di Angelo is between 10 and 15 thousand dollars, more than a quarter of the annual median income for African American families.

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